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Listed below are a few useful plumbing links with a few short quizzes and other leaning material’s which can help you improve your knowledge of the central heating and the plumbing industry.

Getting a good basic understanding of plumbing is based firstly around science, subject one the basic principals, this chapters covers  pressure, and how  different metals can react to each other when exposed to the water contained within a central heating system. The  JTL level 2 plumbing book is a great  book for beginnings, with colour images easy to ready print with a new addition to the  latest copy’s sold is as a cd rom plumbing quiz to test your knowledge as you work your way though each section.

The Thompson  Heinemann which also as  multiple-choice questions explanations and answers, this can assist you with exam preparation in building your knowledge and confidence toward successful completing your plumbing exam.

With the 
knowledge from the class room and experience on the job, in time the need for improvement may lead to gas industry, this will allow an individual who qualifies to work on gas appliances, the term used is gassafe. To achieve   this goal one of the hurdles  would be the CC1N exam. These two books can help to improve a beginners knowledge in a range of areas associated with gas.
the vipper book
 with colour images easy to ready print, some copy’s also  have printed 36 gas regulation including definitions of terms used. Anther book which is very good would be trelor second addition, this book is an  in depth source of information which can be used to cross reference any difficult question faced during exams, with illustrated and diagrams, its technically a very read good for students who which to have a great understanding of central heating, gas, ventilation, pressure, flow rates, gas rates, flues.

Preparation for an exam, revision time  is very important,  some of the exams do  not allow referencing during the exam IE, plumbing level 2 which is not as difficult as the CCN1 which allows referencing.  Many experienced gas engineers reference and have to stay up to date with the continuous changes in the regulation surrounding the industry due to improvements in safety .

The most important part of Preparation before attending a plumbing exam is to revise each subject identify your weakest subject and improve on it.


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