A gas safety check which can sometimes also be  referred to as a landlord safety certificate ,  should be  carried out every 12 months on rented propertys. They are to ensure that all gas installation are in good working order and will not constitute any danger to those persons who live or stay in rented accommodation.

The gas safety inspection should only be safely carried out by a competent gas safe engineer, who is trained to spot signs of a possible dangerous situation, or  an installation which is dated and may need to be brought up to the current standards in order to avoid any possibility of a dangerous situation accruing in the future.

Home owners who have an annual service carried  out on a boiler can some times over look the other appliances installed in the premises, such as cookers and gas fires these appliances can have there hidden defects, poor flame picture failing safety control, blocked chimney, wrong pipe sizing.  A competent gas engineer can be requested to carry out a gas safety check, the safety check applies to all gas appliance's including installation pipe work, gas meter, electrical bonding, ventilation, flues, safety controls, gas rate or burn pressure, and co2 readings if required  by the manufacture,  which some modern appliance do.

After having a Home owners gas safety check you will be issued with a certificate which is valid for 12 months, you will also be made aware of any defects and be instructed on what to do.  All of this will be in writing on the certificate which can help if you decide to sell.   If  purchasing  a property a gas safety check  can help a prospective buyer to be aware of any defect within the internal gas supply,  and  the safety of each gas appliance before buying.

A  home owns gas safety check, this safety check is for home owns, it is mandatory not compulsory, and is carried out  on a request for those  who seek a thorough check on installation pipe work and appliances.   

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