Heating systems have been around for a very long time, they work by using fuel to generate heat which is circulated around a building, either as warm air or hot water within the pipe work of a central heating system. Through the radiators heat is then transferred by means of convection, as the heated water cools it returns to the boiler for reheating. The flow to each radiator is control by Thermostatic radiator valves which can stop or slow down the flow of hot water to a radiator when a set temperature as been reached.

With the vast improvements in modern technology the heat which is generated can now easily be controlled by installing zone valves, room stats, time clocks and  thermostatic radiator valves, which controls the time and temperature's, giving the user  a choice of
when hot water  is reacquired, or  when to  heat a particular part of a building.
Central heating systems vary
depending on the age and size of the property,  for example a large house with two bathrooms may not be the ideal place to install a combination boiler, this type of boiler can only provide either heating or hot water but not both at the same time. A  high damand for hot water may affect the combi boilers ability to deliver a good flow rate to both bathroom/showers at maxium flow rate.
Larger property's would be better suited if fitted with a unvented sealed system which has a  cylinder that stores hot water, mains pressure reduceted giving a better follow rate
to deal with high demands.

But even the best designed heating systems will at some point need to be repaired due to wear and tear. But if maintained correctly ie annual boiler service including a check on condition of the water within the central heating  system,  adding corrosion resistance treatment if required, will help to prevent future breakdown and increase efficiency.

At yourplumbingsrevies we are experienced in working on old and modern heating systems,we cover Birmingham and all surrounding areas, there is no call out fee, we only charge for the work we do. Our aim is to have a customers heating system up and running in the shortest time possible, delivering a cost effective and professional service.

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